22 by Burdi

22 by Burdi is an invigorating bitter-sweet drink, made of selected quality white wines, naturally flavored with extracts of 22 precious herbs from the Bulgarian mountains.

This truly unique blend lays on a very old recipe, that was masterfully refined and modernized. The end result is a product made with great care and skill – an evidently distinct drink, with complex aromas, subtle sweetness and delicately bitter finish.

Due to its versatility 22 by Burdi can be enjoyed as an aperitif, in a cocktail, or as a fine accompaniment to your meal.

22 Herbs Inside

The herbs included in our recipe have been used for centuries by the inhabitants of the lands of today’s Bulgaria. There are countless recipes and means of using them, but they undoubtedly have numerous health benefits to the human bodies.

In our herbs library you will find a brief description of most herbs we use in making 22 by Burdi.

The Roots

There is evidence of wine production on the territory of today’s Bulgaria, dating back 6000 years. That makes it one of the oldest wine-production areas in the world. The herbs-flavored wines were among the favorite drinks of the ancient Thracians, the inhabitants of these lands for centuries.

Having experienced the benefits of the herbs to our bodies and following our love to that delicious bitter-sweet drink, we felt that it needs to be reinvented and represented to the modern world, giving you the opportunity to feel and enjoy this herbal elixir.

We found an old recipe and gave it a new life. All the original herbs and ingredients are used, but we skillfully managed to refine and modernize the formula to create one extraordinary drink.


According to EU classifications and regulations, by its nature, 22 by Burdi belongs to a broad family, called “aromatised wine products”, and more specifically to its subcategory “aromatised wine-based drinks” (the group, where Sangria, Glühwein and other similar drinks belong). It should not be confused with vermouths, where wine is fortified with additional alcohol, leading to higher alcohol content. It is important to remember that 22 is basically a wine, and should be treat as such.

Aromatised wine-based drink is a beverage, obtained from pure wine that has been additionally sweetened and naturally flavored. The flavor is derived from the infusion of herbs, spices, and other sorts of plant derivatives. The subtle sweetness in 22 by Burdi is achieved using natural sweetener and the distinctive color is due to the blending of the native nuances of wine and herbal extracts.

Note: We do not use sugar or artificial coloring or flavoring substances in our products.

How to drink it

It is excellent when served neat, well chilled to 6-8°C in a standard wine glass.

For a perfect refreshing drink in the hot summer days and nights, put a couple of ice cubes or crushed ice in the glass. The distinctive natural bitterness and herbal aromas of 22 by Burdi is not lost even when abundantly diluted.

Pairs well with salads, seafood, white meats and lightly spiced dishes.

The Making of 22

Bulgaria is the birthplace of 22 and some of the renowned Bulgarian wine craftsmen are part of the process of its creation.

In five major steps, selected white wines from the Bulgarian terroir magnificently blends with local herbal varieties.

Technical Info

Alcohol content: 12,5% Vol
Volume in a bottle: 750 ml
Ingredients: Wine, Extract of aromatic herbs and spices (no additional alcohol), Natural sweetener (no sugar)

Keep it refrigerated after opening and consume it within a week.

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