22 by Burdi®Classic

An old recipe is masterfully refined and modernized to revive an ancient drink from Thracian times.

Selected blend of 22 precious herbs from the Bulgarian mountains is subtly infused into selected white wine for an exceptional bitter-sweet drink.

Fresh and invigorating, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, in a cocktail or as a fine companion to your meal.
Alcohol content: 12,5% Vol          Volume in a bottle: 750 ml



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22 by Burdi®Classic is unexpectedly different and memorable drink, made of selected white wines, naturally flavored with extracts of 22 precious herbs from the Bulgarian mountains.

This truly unique blend lays on a very old recipe, that was carefully refined and modernized. The end result is a new category of drinks, characterized by a spectacle of aromas, subtle sweetness and delicate bitterness.

The rich and complex flavors and aromas turn 22 by Burdi®Classic into drink with versatile application – a fresh aperitif, excellent company for a variety of food, a drink for your dessert, or unusual ingredient in a cocktail.

Ingredients: White wine, Extract of 22herbs, Natural sweetener
No artificial coloring or flavoring substances!
Sugar free – natural sweetener used!

Serve well chilled:6-8 °C

Weight 1 kg

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